Welcome to Harebushes Wood

Harebushes wood walk in a summer's dayThe 70 acres of the Harebushes is located on the eastern edge of Cirencester and can be accessed from behind the Norman Arch in the town's Abbey Grounds or from beside the Burford Road allotments. The public are welcome to enjoy free access - dog walkers are requested to keep their pets under control so as not to disturb the wildlife or neighbouring sheep and to please poopscoop and remove.

The Harebushes is a working wood and its management attempts to balance public access with timber production and protection of the biodiversity. Felling ('thinning') of softwoods is good forestry practice as it reduces crowding and gives the remaining trees more light and nutrients to continue growing. We have also felled dead elms, several alongside of the Burford Road, for safety reasons. Please do not approach anyone using chainsaws or forestry equipment for obvious safety reasons.

There will be guided walks on our next Open Day Saturday September the 1st 2012. See News & Events.

We are happy to give guided walks of the Harebushes to schools or community groups. See Contact.

Remember tree hugging is good for your health!

Check out our great farm shop and cafe (closed Mondays).